My Favorite Places to Gather Food Inspiration

So, I have been gone for a while due to the fact that I've been traveling. I went to Greece and California! Right now I am working on a post all about my trip to Greece, but it is taking way longer than anticipated. I thought I'd have the post up and ready for you a… Continue reading My Favorite Places to Gather Food Inspiration

Popcorn 2 Ways

Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks to eat. There are so many benefits to eating it as well. It is packed with protein (3.1g per 1 oz. *sourced from USDA*), it is a whole grain (one serving can be 70% of daily requirements *spoken at American Chemical Society*), it contains antioxidants, it is good… Continue reading Popcorn 2 Ways

3 Simple Baking Tips to Help a Home Baker

One of the most important things that was instilled in my brain while in Culinary School is how different large scale and production scale baking is from baking at home. Everything is at laser speed, there is obviously more pressure, and simple steps become vital to overall success. The list of techniques, tips, and general… Continue reading 3 Simple Baking Tips to Help a Home Baker

The Best Homemade Hair Mask

When I say best, I say it respectively because this mask is the BEST for treating dry, dull, and frizzy hair.  I literally used to do this mask all the time back in the day, when I was trying to achieve mermaid length hair. It is safe to say I am far past that phase… Continue reading The Best Homemade Hair Mask

10 Lush Products You Need In Your Life

While I was sitting in my room trying to figure out what to post for this week I remembered with urgency that I really needed to apply my lush face mask. I am totally the kind of person that will be like hey you really need to do this and then five minutes later I… Continue reading 10 Lush Products You Need In Your Life

Mixed Berry & Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Back with another recipe! I definitely focus on recipes that are simple like smoothies and drinks, but they're also what I am constantly eating. So, unashamedly, I have another smoothie recipe of sorts. A lot of smoothie bowls have banana as a specific ingredient to get the right texture. The problem with that for me… Continue reading Mixed Berry & Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Top 5 Artists to Listen to When You’re Sad

Are you ever feeling down for absolutely no reason at all? Or maybe you have a really good reason and you're taking the time to sulk in your emotions. Yeah, I have definitely been there. One of my go to solutions is to listen to music. Whether it flows with my mood or completely offsets… Continue reading Top 5 Artists to Listen to When You’re Sad

The Perfect London Fog at Home

*** Before I start the post there is a slight blog change if you have not noticed! Same great food posts with the addition of more lifestyle content to fit the vibe I want for this blog!*** The London Fog. This is probably one of my favorite drinks in the entire world. For a long… Continue reading The Perfect London Fog at Home

Spiced Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate

When you are someone like me who cannot handle a ton of dairy, but absolutely loves a nice creamy consistency when it comes to warm and cozy drinks, it can be a bit of a challenge to find something that actually fulfills that craving besides dairy. In my opinion almond milk can be a bit… Continue reading Spiced Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate