After going to Culinary School and enduring a  complicated battle toward finding myself, I decided I needed to live a more relaxed, comfortable, and homey lifestyle. Here you will find a door that opens you toward the person I am and strive to be.

Merriam Webster defines C O Z Y as follows:

  1. a :  enjoying or affording warmth and ease :  snug

    b :  marked by or providing contentment or comfort.

  2. 2a :  marked by the intimacy of the family or a close group.

    b :  marked by or suggesting close association or connivance.

  3. 3:  marked by a discreet and cautious attitude or procedure.

The word  is part of my personality, lifestyle, and general vibe. I want you to feel warm, positive and stress free. This is the place to explore and open yourself up. The place to discover my love for food and the balance of life.

The ultimate place for comfort and happiness.

The ultimate place for coziness.

// E X T R A  D E T A I L S //

☼ I am 20 years old

☼ Born and raised in northern NJ

☼ Graduate of The Culinary Institute of America

☼ Currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Journalism

xx Kristin



*Banner/Header for the cozy co was drawn and designed by me 🙂 if you want something similar for your blog just message me using the forum listed under this page!

*All drawings and sketches on my posts are drawn by me, however sometimes I gather inspiration from other art. Some drawings are mine, some are not 100% original. I will be linking or giving names at the bottom of my posts from now on (July 2017) to be sure credit is given where credit is due! I have had no problems or comments on this yet, but morally I believe it is important to respect the creativity of other artists because I know how much time and effort gets put into original art! Sorry I haven’t started doing this sooner!*

Stay Cozy!


If you have any questions or concerns, you can message me using the forum below. 


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