My Favorite Places to Gather Food Inspiration

So, I have been gone for a while due to the fact that I’ve been traveling. I went to Greece and California! Right now I am working on a post all about my trip to Greece, but it is taking way longer than anticipated. I thought I’d have the post up and ready for you a few weeks ago, but life doesn’t always go as planned (unfortunately) and that post… well, I am still working on it. It will be up as soon as possible, but in the meantime this week we’re going to make some lemonade (figurative lemonade) and I am going to talk about something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while!

Get cozy and pull out a notepad and pen… or the notes section on your iPhone! We’re going to be talking about food inspiration!


Food is basically everywhere we look now. There’s definitely a movement that has started maybe within the past decade or half a decade. People care more! They want great food from every category: breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and dessert. When I was younger I distinctly remember my parents slopping food onto my plate saying “there you go, eat it and like it”. As I grew older and food became more integrated into my daily life I started to fight back on that, thus sharing my opinion even when it absolutely was not asked for. I even selectively picked the restaurants my friends and I wanted to go to, because after all what is the point of going out to dinner to eat bad food? We would spend hours looking up places. It was not until I decided to take food extremely seriously did I really appreciate good food. Obviously what you think is the best is solely based on opinion, but when you’re standing in front of a chef who’s been in the industry for over 20 years and has worked under the finest chefs (and is also grading you), you nod your head when they tell you this is the best it can be. I take inspiration from what they have taught me, and it constantly pushes me to not only make delicious food, but find it as well. Before school I definitely appreciated a juicy burger, flavorful chicken, a *trigger word alert* moist cake, seasoned veggies, etc. Now that I have gone through school and changed my diet, no longer eating meat and trying to cut down on dairy, you learn that you have to be a little more creative. These are the reasons why inspiration is so important. You need not only for your food to taste good and look good, but you also need variety, you need it to appeal to many if you’re cooking for others, as well as pick restaurants or cafes that have everything. Not to mention, it’s extremely satisfying. If you are anything like me, looking at something that inspires you immidietly makes you happy. You get flutters in your stomach, the instant rush of adrenaline, and an inner smile that shines right through your face. That is why I want to discuss my favorite resources for eternal food happiness (dare you to count how many times food has been written so far).


Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 10.09.24 PM

This is something that I sincerely hope never goes away. You don’t need a subscription, but I strongly encourage you to pick any of these up if you happen to have the chance. Obviously you can use the websites linked below to look around, but I strongly encourage you to get the printed magazines because it is actually tangible. It is also something different, rather than looking at your phone, computer screen, etc.

1. Martha Stewart Living

Maybe it is the inner white girl in me, but Martha knows what she’s doing. The formatting of this magazine is beautiful, and many of the recipes are worth trying. I specifically appreciate the desserts.

// website

2. Food and Wine

An obvious choice, and definitely suited for people who take food seriously. I think this magazine is extremely mature, but also extremely well done.

// website

3. Food Network

Contrasting the two listed above, this magazine is much more casual and perfect to have for someone that loves food or someone that just wants something to read. It is interactive and perfect for young cooks!

// website

4. Bon Appetit

This one I have the least experience with, but I know the recipes and articles are informative and engaging! Not to mention – the recipes are delicious and the magazine is aesthetically pleasing!

// website


Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 10.09.29 PM

This is one of my favorite outlets, and it takes a lot to make me love them. This is the perfect opportunity to show some support to the chefs you love or simply get inspired. It is an item you’ll have forever and something to pass down to people that are important to you. You can write in them, bookmark your favorite recipes, or use it to guide you.

1. Back In The Day Bakery Cookbook by Cheryl and Griffith Day

There is nothing I can say to justify how amazing this cookbook is. It’s absolutely perfect, and when I need a recipe for ANY occasion I go here first because I trust it. The pictures of the food are of high quality, and you can tell right away what kind of people they are.

2. Back In The Day Bakery Made With Love by Cheryl and Griffith Day

I loved their first book so much that I teared up when I got my hands on this one. Another book that opens the door into who these people are and how talented they are. I honestly feel like both cookbooks are filled with love, and every recipe radiates comfort and homeyness. Not to mention, the craft ideas that are included in this book are incredibly inventive and cute.

//  link to both books

3. Mastering the Art of Italian Cooking by Lidia Matticchio Bastianich and Tanya Bastianich Manuali

I bought this book for my Dad’s birthday, as we’re both fans of Lidia. She’s extremely prevalent where I live and I actually had the pleasure of meeting her when I was younger. She told me to “keep dreaming”, which has stuck with me forever. I greatly trust her cooking, so even though this book is for my Dad I often find myself reading it. It’s not your typical cookbook, as there are no pictures. Just words and recipes. If you love Italian food as much as I do, this book will have you drooling. It will make your brain explode with the amount of knowledge, effort, and thought that is captured inside.

//  cookbook


Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 4.59.40 PM

1. Pinterest

I feel like this is probably obvious, but Pinterest is such an amazing outlet. There are so many things that have to do with food, it is mind-blowing. All but one of my boards are food related. I use it for my home baking, and I’ve also used it for a project in Culinary School. Sometimes the recipes can be duds, and sometimes they can be the best thing you’ve ever eaten. Cooking and baking is a learning process though, so I encourage you to branch out and make things you get inspired by. After all that’s the whole point anyway, right?

// my Pinterest

2. Food 52

This is a new one, but I have loved it recently. You can make an account, kind of like Pinterest. They also have a store you can shop from, you can look up recipes, read posts about a multitude of things, join contests, and read answers to any questions you may have! An overall great resource for beginners, seasoned cooks/bakers, and professionals.

// website

 3. YouTube

YouTube has so many outlets, especially because each channel is different. There are a few channels I am subscribed to that I encourage you to watch! Some overlap with the section below, however this is a completely different platform and allows you to see things from a different perspective! They’re all vegan as well, because that is something I am trying to learn more about and this is an easy way to do so!

*  Hot for Food  : It is all vegan! Even though I am not vegan, I am trying to eat                 less animal product and byproduct. I love the style of their videos and they always have creative ideas that not only come out delicious but look delicious too!

* Lauren Toyota : Double whammy here! Lauren Toyota is the main creator for Hot for Food, although this channel shows you much more. She does vegan snack hauls, what I eat in a day’s, and so much more! She has a great personality and outlook on the vegan lifestyle.

* Feasting on Fruit : This is all about vegan desserts and snacks, sometimes breakfast type foods like granola as well. From what I have seen so far it is very sweet driven! Her videos are extremely short and well done. Don’t get the wrong idea either, just because they are short does not mean everything is not shown. The videos are well organized, to the point, and beautiful to watch!


Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 4.59.28 PM

The reason these two sections are together is that a lot of the Instagram accounts I follow have blogs that correspond. Some of them also go along with the magazines listed above! Instagram is an easy way to gain food inspiration, or even inspiration in general since all you have to do is scroll with your thumb.

1. Hot for Food

With their channel they also have a blog and a lovely Instagram!

//  blog –  all of their socials are on the bottom of the blog

2. Food and Wine

Obviously you have the wonderful magazine, but like I said Instagram is super easy! They have great pictures of food and a direct link to the website for more information on their posts.

// instagram

3. The First Mess

This is owned by Laura Write, who is also plant-based (vegan eating). She has a cookbook out, as well as a blog. I love her style of photography, her aesthetic, and you can really understand her sense of style easily. You’ll see what I mean when you click!

// blog – socials are located in the top menu

4. Katie Lee

I love the show The Kitchen on the food network, and I love Katie Lee! Her Instagram is just another glimpse into her style. I actually own her Endless Summer cookbook, but it wasn’t listed above because I don’t use it religiously. She posts Instagram stories a lot showing the process of a dish which is helpful, especially if you’re looking for easy ideas in a pinch!

// instagram

5. Martha Stewart

The style of her posts are so aesthetically pleasing and definitely motivate me to get in the kitchen!

// instagram

6. Ina Garten

She’s my favorite chef, therefore I must include her Instagram. As my original role model, I will never not love her effortless style of cooking and baking.

//  instagram

7. My New Roots

This is the perfect blog and Instagram for me, as it is vegetarian based. Run by Sara, her goal is to inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle! She too has a cookbook out in addition to a wonderfully done blog.

// blog – socials are located in the top menu

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 1.56.49 PM

And finally, that is all. It is a lot to take in, and not everything needs to be explored now. I encourage you to save this post and/or write down a few things that interest you. Use it to explore if you are feeling bland when it comes to your ideas, or use it when you’re bored and want to discover new people.


Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 8.27.45 PM



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