Popcorn 2 Ways

Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks to eat. There are so many benefits to eating it as well. It is packed with protein (3.1g per 1 oz. *sourced from USDA*), it is a whole grain (one serving can be 70% of daily requirements *spoken at American Chemical Society*), it contains antioxidants, it is good… Continue reading Popcorn 2 Ways


3 Simple Baking Tips to Help a Home Baker

One of the most important things that was instilled in my brain while in Culinary School is how different large scale and production scale baking is from baking at home. Everything is at laser speed, there is obviously more pressure, and simple steps become vital to overall success. The list of techniques, tips, and general… Continue reading 3 Simple Baking Tips to Help a Home Baker

The Best Homemade Hair Mask

When I say best, I say it respectively because this mask is the BEST for treating dry, dull, and frizzy hair.  I literally used to do this mask all the time back in the day, when I was trying to achieve mermaid length hair. It is safe to say I am far past that phase… Continue reading The Best Homemade Hair Mask