10 Lush Products You Need In Your Life

While I was sitting in my room trying to figure out what to post for this week I remembered with urgency that I really needed to apply my lush face mask. I am totally the kind of person that will be like hey you really need to do this and then five minutes later I am focused on something else. It used to be worse when I was younger, mostly because this kind of stuff was less intriguing to me. I had dermatologist prescribed skincare that smelled like sour cleaning supplies and moldy socks, so as you could imagine I wasn’t sprinting to apply it. Once I really got down to the bottom of why my skin was acting up so badly (and I mean so badly), which is another story within itself, I decided I wanted to simplify my skincare routine. I ran to Lush because it was the first brand I could think of that was accessible and moderately natural/organic. I am much more aware of skincare that is more organic, even holistic, but I find it so hard to let go of my favorites from Lush and I constantly find myself going back to buy more. So, still sitting there in my room brainstorming, I finally decided I would share my favorite products. This is obviously customized to the way my skin behaves and what I am trying to get out of the products I am buying. If anything sounds appealing and relates to the way your skin reacts please, I beg of you, give it a try.

Open up your wallets and get cozy because you’re about to spend too much money at lush!

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  1. Angels On Bare Skin (lushusa.com)

I use this every single morning with my Luna Mini 2. It is the perfect way to cleanse in the beginning of the day because it’s going to give you the brightness you want in addition to soothing your skin and even exfoliates lightly. The main ingredient is almonds which help to cleanse, in addition to lavender and chamomile for soothing. 10/10

2. Herbalism (lushusa.com)IMG_2592

Absolute necessity for anyone with acne and irritation. I use this every other night with my Luna Mini 2 to cleanse my skin. It smells a little iffy but that is because of the nettle, rosemary and rice vinegar extract and a few other things. It also helps combat oils and of coarse unclog your pores. I use this every other night because it isn’t too harsh on my skin, and is the perfect pairing for the other cleanser I use.

3. Dark Angels (lushusa.com)

This is a godsend for people with oily skin and especially noteworthy in the summer, though I use it all year round. I also use this every other night with my Luna Mini 2! I feel like it really cleans my skin and helps keep it smooth.  I also believe it helps keep any sprouting acne at bay.


  1. Celestial (lushusa.com)

The one and only.  I have not really experimented with much of Lush’s moisturizers, mostly because I never felt like I needed to once I started using this one. The first few days I used this my face literally looked angelic, as though I were glowing or perhaps with child even though I wasn’t. I saw an immediate change which is so rare nowadays. I have heard people say that they didn’t like how oily it was or slippery, but I am used to having coconut oil on my face and skin so this didn’t really effect me. It smells amazing due to the vanilla water, almond milk, and orchid extract. It is also perfect for redness, irritation, and just sensitive skin in general.



  1. Eau Roma Water
  2. Tea Tree Water
  3. Breath of Fresh Air


Since my wrist is cramping and I use these products in the same way, I am going to spare you from individual descriptions. I spray these in the morning during my AM skincare, during the day when I need a refresh, and then at night with my PM skincare. It is also great for travel or on the go when you are feeling a bit dirty or greasy and are not even close to a shower. I use Eau Roma Water in the winter because it is hydrating, Tea Tree in the summer because it combats oils and refreshes/balances the skin, and I use Breath of Fresh Air in between because it is calming and won’t be too hydrating or drying. IMG_2595


  1. Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask (lushusa.com)

This is the diamond of all face masks in Lush. If you have redness, acne, textured skin, scars, irritation, acne, acne, maybe even acne, this is what you need. When I was really struggling with my skin I bought this and it actually changed my skin overnight. When I woke up the next morning my acne was less irritated and puffy, my skin was more even, and the texture was tighter and smoother. Don’t get me wrong I did not wake up with a new face (if I ever did though, I would not be mad with Bella Hadid’s, idk just a thought), but it made a difference and that was definitely more than I could ask for at the time. It is also not the best smelling product in the world because it has garlic in it, but I am pretty sure that is what makes the world of a difference. Once you get over it, it will be so hard for you to stop using it.



  1. Yoga Bomb (lushusa.com)

This is my favorite bath bomb that I have tried. Since I went to culinary school and also had a lot of jobs as a pastry cook I was always standing all day, which put a lot of strain on my joints and bones. I would take a bath from time to time to help soothe my body, so I would use a bath bomb to make it more interesting. I have used a pretty saddening amount of lush bath bombs and to this day I have never gone a period of time without having at least one yoga bomb in my house. The colors are amazing, it lasts a good amount of time, and it also smells great. It has sandalwood, olibanum and ho wood oils in it. I am also super sad because I think they might be getting rid of it so please snag while you can! Currently adding an unnecessary amount to my cart as we speak.


  1. R&B (lushusa.com)

Calling all curly/wavy/frizzy haired girls/guys. This product is queen, fleeky, on point… I am currently writing whatever the kids are saying these days to make this sound amazing. It is basically a hair conditioner that smells really good, as it has orange blossom and jasmine as a perfume in it. Oh by the way it also WORKS. A small amount goes a really long way since my hair is not supremely thick. I use it after I have showered and my hair isn’t soaking wet. When I wake up my hair is not as frizzy and my curls and waves are more defined! Be careful with the amount you use, because too much can certainly weigh your hair down! I’ve also used it on my ends when my hair is dry to make them look less like hay and more like actual hair.


And so, that is all of them (for now). If you give them a try let me know how it worked for you!

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