Top 5 Artists to Listen to When You’re Sad

Are you ever feeling down for absolutely no reason at all? Or maybe you have a really good reason and you’re taking the time to sulk in your emotions. Yeah, I have definitely been there. One of my go to solutions is to listen to music. Whether it flows with my mood or completely offsets the vibe, it makes me feel better. Obviously this list is highly curated based on my opinion and taste, and also changes with time so I’ll most likely update it. But nonetheless why not share because it helps me, and maybe I can help you discover some new music to add to your playlist.

Grab a mug of your favorite drink and get cozy. HERE WE GO.

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1. Mac Demarco

Mac Demarco has an extremely interesting style of music often referred to jizzy jazz. I literally have no idea how to actually describe it to you, other than directing you to actually go listen yourself. It really does make me happier. I discovered him a few summers ago and ever since then I’ve pinned his music for that time of year. Birds chirping, the slithering heat, nighttime drives, beach days, salty fishy air, bronzed skin, freckles… you get the gist. I even went as far as recently making a playlist of just his music on my spotify, because I will go through phases thinking only Mac could satisfy this vibe right now. He is definitely one of my favorite artists and always puts a smile on my face, reminding me to be calm and happy but also bringing me back to old stress free memories.

Some of my favorite songs are (Starred are my top favorites)…

  1. Treat Her Better *                                                                                     new doc 2017-05-14 14.56.16_1
  2. Let Her Go
  3. Ode to Viceroy *
  4. Go Easy
  5. The Way You’d Love Her
  6. One More Love Song *



2. Lana Del Rey

What better artist to take that mood and pull you right back down to her own deep and sad reality. She is yet another extremely unique artist, making a sound for herself that literally no other known artist had at the time or even has right now. There is something about the tone of her voice that calms you down, but unless a song is tied with positive memories it probably won’t put a smile on your face. Sometimes, however, when I am sad I want to listen to music that will almost agree with my mood. I do not only listen to Lana when I am upset, but she is definitely a good artist to go to when you are in a slight funk. She is pretty well rounded, based on the fact that some of her music you can use to drive with the windows down on a sunny summer day,  some to listen late at night with your friends, or some to sulk and listen to in your room.

Some of my favorite songs are (Starred are my top favorites.)…

  1. Ride*
  2. National Anthem*
  3. This is What Makes Us Girls                                                             new doc 2017-05-14 14.57.19_1
  4. American*
  5. Ultraviolence
  6. Florida Kilos
  7. Born To Die
  8. Without You*
  9. Off To The Races
  10. Freak
  11. Lucky Ones
  12. Money Power Glory
  13. Honeymoon
  14. Summertime Sadness


3. Kanye West

This is probably random in your eyes… but what better way to make yourself feel as powerful and important as Christ than to listen to Yeezus himself? An egotistical artist is exactly what you need when you are looking for some kind of emotional boost. So when you are sad, blast Power as loud as you can. Blast Father Stretch My Hands Pt.1, Famous, FML, Black Skinhead, American Boy…the list is endless. You all know who he is, he is Kanye West, a pioneer of music (don’t try to deny it). Whether you miss the old Kanye or vibe with the new Kanye you can still pick from an array of albums he has put out. Just put his music on and trust me you probably won’t regret it.

new doc 2017-05-14 15.09.28_1

Some of my favorite songs are (Starred are my top favorites)…

  1. Ultralight Beam*
  2. Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1*
  3. Famous
  4. Feedback
  5. Highlights
  6. Freestyle 4*
  7. Waves
  8. FML*
  9. Real Friends
  10. Wolves
  11. Fade
  12. All Day
  13. Saint Pablo
  14. POWER
  15. Stronger
  16. Gold Digger*
  17. Blood On The Leaves*
  18. Black Skinhead
  19. Bound 2
  20. Flashing Lights*
  21. American Boy*


new doc 2017-05-14 14.56.48_1

4. John Mayer

Similar to Kanye, John Mayer has been around for a pretty long time leaving a lasting impression and a plethora of music to listen to whenever you want. Most of his music makes me really happy, unless you study the lyrics and find actual meanings. Often times I like to listen to him when I paint because it sets a calming tone and a mindset that is easy to get creative in, which is so important when you are feeling down on yourself. I think of painting immediately because that is what memories I associate with his music, and then something clicks and I start to get creative ideas thus taking my mind off of the negativity. Try and paint with John Mayer playing, or sketch, read, write… the options are anything that makes you feel better.

Some of my favorite songs are (Starred are my top favorites)…

  1. The Heart of Life*
  2. Love on the Weekend*
  3. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
  4. Your Body Is a Wonderland
  5. Waiting On the World to Change
  6. Gravity
  7. Queen of California
  8. Something Like Olivia*
  9. Heartbreak Warfare*
  10. Half of My Heart
  11. Vultures*
  12. Bigger Than My Body*
  13. Daughters
  14. Why Georgia*
  15. Wildfire*
  16. You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me
  17. Emoji of a Wave*
  18. In the Blood
  19. Moving On and Getting Over
  20. Rosie


new doc 2017-05-14 15.17.48_1                                                             new doc 2017-05-14 14.57.19_1

5. The Beatles

Maybe you have no idea who The Beatles are… and if that is the case I suggest you climb out from under the rock you have been hiding in and discover a whole new world. Everyone knows their sound. There is something about the tones, the melodies, their
voices and the way they crafted their art. It is what skyrocketed their fame in the first place. Their unique and creative way to produce their own version of what was being created at the time. Now I am no Beatles buff, in fact I actually never grew up listening to them. My Dad was never really into them and my Mom was the exact same way. It wasn’t until I learned about them in school or heard snippets of their music in movies or videos that I started to kind of enjoy what I was hearing. When I got older my taste melted into different categories, genres, and generally way out of the consumer pop realm, so at that point I appreciated their music. Something about how down to earth I feel like their sound is latches me into a good mood. Almost a peak into what their lives were like in the moment, and a kiss of their minds in those days. It is a total reminder to be yourself and do what you think your purpose is. Yes, some songs have strange and sad meanings but that is just the way they are. If you neglect the lyrics and just listen to the tune of the song it brings strokes of happiness, but when you read deeper it brings sadness, curiosity, and maybe even some confusion. I like exercising many emotions and thoughts when I am sad because it draws away the attention from the sadness itself. Maybe it doesn’t make sense, maybe it does? My favorites are pretty predictable… but all I know is that The Beatles are pretty much always a good choice.

Some of my favorite songs are (Starred are my top favorites)…

  1. Here Comes The Sun *
  2. Let It Be
  3. Hey Jude
  4. Come Together *
  5. Twist and Shout *
  6. Help
  7. Yellow Submarine
  8. Strawberry Fields Forever
  9. Elenor Rigby
  10. All You Need is Love
  11. Hello, Goodbye
  12. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
  13. I Saw Her Standing There
  14. The Night Before *


new doc 2017-05-14 15.26.24_1




Click here for a link to my Spotify.


Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 12.27.47 PM

*I own none of the photos of the artists*


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