Music Monday // Week of June 15, 2015

I would be straight up lying to you if I told you that music was not important at all. It has completely shaped the person I am today, and I often resort to it to consult my emotions or even to just unwind. Because music is so important to me, I really do want to dedicate part of my blog to sharing artists and songs. Every other monday or so I will have this segment and post something a long the lines of music!

*                 *                 *

For this week I want to share with you an artist who is extremely influential and motivational not just to me, but also to her thousands of followers.

Kehlani has recently been on the come up with her mixtape Cloud 19, but also her newly released mixtape You Should Be Here. Personally, I love just about every song on YSBH. In this album we see a lot of Kehlani and her life story, which is very inspiring. Bay born and raised, this 20 year old woman can really capture an audience with her strong vocals and personal lyrics.

Some of my favorite songs on the album are:

1. Bright 

*I call this song my power song… It honestly gives me so much more confidence, even if its just for the length of the song. The message is powerful and she genuinely sings it from her heart.

2. You Should Be Here 

3. Yet 

4. How That Taste 

5. Runnin’ 

6. The Letter 

You can listen to this album here or listen on spotify / itunes / etc.


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